Why Sugar?

When it comes to running, climbing, and physical activity of any kind, maple syrup works its magic as a source of easily digestible carbohydrates, delivering a rapid energy boost. Its unique blend of glucose and fructose aids in replenishing glycogen stores efficiently, promoting endurance and sustaining performance. So, grab a Maple Syrup Hunk Energy Gel, my fellow Hunk, and let its golden goodness be the fuel that propels you to conquer those trails, conquer those heights, and conquer your goals with a sweet smile!

Here are a few key reasons why sugar from maple syrup can be beneficial while running:

  • Rapid energy source: Sugar is quickly absorbed by the body and can be readily available for energy production. It can help you maintain or increase your running performance, especially during prolonged endurance activities.
  • Easy digestion: Sugar, particularly simple sugars like glucose and fructose, is easily digested and absorbed by the body. This allows for faster energy delivery to your muscles during exercise.
  • Mental focus:  Running long distances can be mentally challenging. Sugar consumption can help provide a boost in mental focus and concentration, which can be beneficial for maintaining pace and motivation.
  • Preventing hypoglycemia:  Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar levels, can cause fatigue, weakness, and a decline in performance. Consuming sugar during exercise can help prevent or alleviate symptoms of hypoglycemia, ensuring your energy levels remain stable.


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A Simpler Healthier Sugar

Not only is pure maple syrup a non processed sugar that is more environmentally sustainable in its production, but it also has far more health benefits than sugars like corn syrup and cane sugar. Take a look!



Designed for trail running through the mountains, working on your climbing project or for a delicious treat in your lunchbox, Maple Syrup Hunk Energy Gels are made for you. Our 5 carefully selected flavors will leave you wanting more. Say goodbye to those chalky, goopy, disgusting gels that garbage brands like Clif and GU put out!

The Process


 A Quick Look at the Process 

  • It takes about 40 gallons of maple sap to produce one gallon of maple syrup. For our Buddy Batch, it's closer to 100 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup!

Here's how we do it!

Tap Trees

Find your big honkin' maple trees and drill1.5" holes into the trunks. Tap in your taps and hang your buckets on the spile. On average, a tree will produce about a quart of maple syrup a year, about 10 gallons of maple sap per tap.



Empty Buckets

Bucket collection gets all the sap from the bucket to the storage tanks. Once temps hit below freezing at night and days are in the 40s, sap will start to run. The taps intercept a little sap and drip into our buckets.
On a really good sap day, a tap can produce 2-3 gallons of sap. We use a hybrid of tractor pickup and gravity fed dump stations to get our sap into our jumbo storage tanks.



At MSH, we chose to use firewood from our homestead to boil our sap. While most sugarbushes use propane to save time, we think it's important to use the natural, sustainable resources that we have readily available.


First things first, we run our sap through a reverse osmosis system to filter about half the water out. This reduces our boiling time and firewood use.


We take this concentrated sap, feed it into our goreous 4' x 9' custom made (by us) refractory arch that holds our pans.


Below, drying out our refractory cement in the
sauna for a quicker drying process!


The 5' fire box can handle massively hot, long fires that boil

our sap for fricking days!



Once the sap hits 219 degrees Fahrenheit or when the sugar content
hits 66 brix units, you got some maple syrup!




Bring the syrup down to 180 degrees Fahrenheit to package and bottle. Too hot and you'll create sugar sands that crystalize in bottom, too cold and you'll risk bacteria growth. Store it out of the sunshine and enjoy, Hunks!