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What makes our maple syrup different?

Quality. Our wood fired taste is uniquely robust and undeniably full-bodied. We make our pure maple syrup in small batches, assuring close attention and quality control.
A new take on maple syrup. Our flavors like chai, blueberry, ginger, and salted caramel have grown a cult following for their unique, delicious taste. Our maple cream, sugar and candy are tantalizing variations of maple syrup that are perfect for spreading and sprinkling on just about anything.
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Infused Maple Syrup?

Back by popular demand!

Last year we made 15 uniquely flavored maple syrup infusions. We took the best sellers, revamped our packaging and are excited to share what we've been doing with you!

Flavors: Salted Caramel, Chai, Ginger, Blueberry, Original


The Power of Maple Syrup

All natural, mineral rich sugar is ideal for endurance athletes needing a boost. Our delightful pouches of pure maple syrup will elevate you to run faster, climb higher and adventure a little harder!

Sugar can provide a quick source of energy while you're running or engaging in intense physical activity. When you exercise, your body primarily relies on carbohydrates for fuel. Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, which is then used by your muscles as energy.

During longer and more intense runs, your body's glycogen stores (the storage form of glucose) can become depleted. Consuming sugar during exercise, such as in the form of maple syrup, can help replenish those glycogen stores and provide an immediate energy boost.

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Our Origin Story

Once upon a syrup season, two hunks and a hunky doodle fell in love. What started as a flattering nickname that my crush gave me, quickly gained a logo, we established an LLC, and our brand was born.
While we're not new to tapping maple trees, we are new to the business side of things. Growing up, I helped my Uncle Jon empty buckets at his camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The sweetness in the air and time spent around the fire are some of my favorite memories. 
In my twenties, I began acquiring sugaring equipment of my own. I ordered buckets, and pans. Then more buckets and bigger pans. Our first year we sold to family and friends. Our second year we sold to their family and their friends. And we've been growing ever since.

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